Lottery mode is not only done in cases of offline fraud but also online. Perpetrators usually claim to come from technology companies, well-known brands, or marketplaces. By carrying a ‘big name’ and the lure of prizes, the perpetrators tried to ensnare their victims to transfer some money under the pretext of ‘administrative money’ to redeem the prize. To convince the victims, the perpetrators will usually call and play astute communication tricks. Aside from that, if you require an expert to check out those who have tricked you, we recommend you to hire a professional private investigator.

In addition to the lottery mode, phishing is a trick to trick the target in order to copy the user’s personal information for further abuse. Phishing is usually a lot of targeting credit card owners and also online lenders without collateral.

With a phishing link that leads to a fake page, the target will be asked to fill in their complete data, including credit card information along with the pin. Armed with this data, fraudsters will sell the data information or use it to drain your money.