One of the most important moments in your life is when you decide to move house. It’s because you need to know what items you must carry and what items can be left behind. Well for you who are busy, often you are in a hurry when packing goods. It’s not often that your goods are lost or damaged. For you who are in a situation like this, you need to read this article. Meanwhile, if you also want to hire professionals, we suggest you hire the most trusted company of local house movers in Singapore.

Here are 5 tips to move your house without feeling desperate:

1. Start early

Don’t do the same item packing as moving house. Begin gradually. Install a few days before the moving day. You can start with small items first.

2. Ask for help from family or friends

Although some of the items you can pack yourself, the presence of others is also needed. No need to hesitate to ask for additional energy. Your family or good friends certainly don’t mind helping. With help, you don’t need to be overwhelmed when you have to lift heavy things.

3. Provide equipment

Cardboard, scissors, ropes, sticky tape, bubble wrap are very important for you to prepare. These tools will facilitate your activities in packing the goods later. Cover items that are about to break easily with bubble wrap before putting them in cardboard.

4. Donate unused items

Separate unused items, such as clothes, books, household furniture, and toys. If it can’t be used, throw it away. But if it’s still worth using, donate. You can give these items to the people closest to you who need them.

5. Group items according to need

Group items according to their needs and destinations. For example, clothes to be put in the bedroom, toiletries to be put in the bathroom, or kitchen utensils to be put in the kitchen. Grouping like this will save you time when rearranging it in a new home. You don’t need to bother looking inside the box for where your shower stamp is.