Even though the material from the outside of the sofa does not look dirty, there is just dirt or bacteria that sticks between the sofa. Especially if the sofa is often used together or alternately, then you need to take the time to clean the sofa regularly. Before determining the right way to clean the sofa material, first, check the instructions listed or attached to the sofa product that you purchased. In the product instructions, there is usually information on what types of cleaners are safe and not for the material of your couch. Additionally, you can also call Sears Clean Sacramento if you can’t clean your sofa yourself.

Here are some tips for cleaning dirty couches:

Clean the sofa material from dust and bacteria with a vacuum cleaner

When cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to suck up the dirt and dust that is lodged in the sofa material. Not only on the surface of the sofa material, the sofa holder, the inside, and between the couches also need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. A handheld type of vacuum cleaner can be an option to suck up dirt to the side that is difficult to reach.

For thick stains, wash the sofa material with water, detergent, and alcohol

You only need to mix the water with detergent, then emphasize the mixture on the sofa material affected by fatty stains with a cloth or sponge. Try not to rub or brush the sofa material.

However, thicker stains, such as ink, paint, and blood are much more difficult to clean. The process can be started by drying the stain with a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer.

Then the cleaning mixture consisting of water and detergent can be added to alcohol. Do the same thing as explained earlier when applying the cleaning mixture to the sofa material. Next, dry the sofa with a dry cloth

If the sofa material is not clean, use a mixture of water and vinegar

Chloric acid in vinegar gets rid of sticky stains easily. For that, if the stain doesn’t disappear, you need to replace the cleaning mixture with vinegar and water. Repeat several times until the stain completely disappears from the sofa material. After drying, the cleaned sofa material can be evaporated using a steam iron.