Many people who feel uncomfortable if you meet with a cockroach, especially if the cockroach is in their home pet safe insecticide for yard. They must be looking for the right way to get rid of him. One way that can be done is by using the orange county pest control service. The presence of a cockroach must make you feel disgusted and want to get rid of it immediately, right? There are some facts about cockroaches that you need to know and will make you want to throw them out of your house immediately.

The facts about this cockroach will make you feel disgusted and want to get rid of them as far away as possible from where you live.

1. Cockroaches have been around since 280 million years ago. His small body makes them eat organic food that is around them. If the food is not they get, then they will eat whatever is around them.

2. Cockroaches are considered as one of the ancient animals that are difficult to eradicate. Cockroaches are even predicted to survive if there is a nuclear bomb explosion. Cockroaches also belong to one ancient animal that is able to survive with a variety of natural selection that brings extinction. They always evolve and make them harder to get rid of.

3. The cockroach is one of the animals that can survive despite not eating for one month. However, they can only survive for a week without water.

4. There are more than 4000 species of cockroaches spread all over the world. Their types are grouped by size to the existing patterns on their bodies. Cockroaches are also distinguished between who can fly and who does not.

5. Cockroaches can live for a week even without their heads. Cockroaches are able to breathe through small holes that exist in each segment of their body. They can die without water.

6. Cockroaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes. They hold their breath to help them adjust the balance of water content in the body.