Traveling or traveling has become a major activity in filling vacation time together with loved ones. Using a car to get to tourist attractions is one of the main options for automotive lovers in the country. There are many choices of places to rent a car, but if you plan to rent a luxury car, you need to look for a Range Rover rental London.

To ensure comfort and safety in travel, you should first check the condition of the vehicle. Here are some parts of the car that you need to check before traveling.

Machine oil
Make sure the engine oil has sufficient volume. How to check engine oil volume by checking the level on the oil stick. The oil level must be on the line between the L and F marks and it should be slightly below the F level line if it doesn’t add enough. Make sure the time limit for your oil usage is still sufficient for the distance you will travel.

Air radiator
Make sure your car’s radiator water is in full condition and the water reservoir is up to the level limit or it doesn’t need to be too full. Also, check the condition of the radiator hose and connecting the hose to the reservoir.
If you encounter a bulging or cracked hose, you should replace it to avoid breaking the hose in the middle of the road. Also, make sure the hose connection to the engine and to the radiator is tight enough and does not leak.

Cooling Fan or AC rotation
If the fan is rotated by the belt, then check the belt’s physical condition. If the belt has cracked, it is suitable to be replaced. Also, check the tension of the tension belt so that the fan rotation can be optimized. When the fan is rotated by an electric motor, the condition of the electric motor is still good and decent. How to check the cooling of a car engine by a normal running engine fan is to pay attention to the pointer temperature pointer.
If it exceeds the midline, it means the engine is hot enough but still safe, if more than half you should stop, wait until the engine cools. Next check the condition of the cooling water and fan.

Timing Belt
The timing belt replacement is based on the mileage indicator on the speedometer. If the timing belt has been used as far as 50,000 km, you should immediately replace it with a new one even though there has been no damage because the factory recommends longer use.

Check the condition of the tire both physically and tire pressure. Car tire pressure is normally around 30-34 psi.

Check brake fluid level. If it is reduced from the minimum level limit, it is necessary to suspect the possibility of a leak. Check the brake system if there are any visible leaks in the hose, brake master and check if there is wet inside the wheels as a sign of leakage of the wheel cylinder. Make sure the brake system can work properly.

Check the overall condition of your car’s headlights. Make sure all lights can function and light normally. If there are lights that turn off, you should immediately replace them.