Art painting is an art that is expressed through drawings by the creators of his art, painting has begun several centuries ago, where there are several branches of painting (art painting). The value of an art painting can be judged from several aspects contained in the painting. Contemporary Painting means the Painting of the present. The ones who make such paintings are called contemporary artists.

Contemporary painting has a certain period of popularity so that this art can be said to be temporary. This painting can be enjoyed during its popular time and when it has passed then the public no longer likes it. Contemporary works of art initially appeared in Europe and America, such as paintings by Andy Warhol and sculptures by Henry Moore. In recent years, contemporary art has developed in various countries that have unique ideas, such as a sculpture from ice, painting on the human body (body painting), installation art, gravity, and so on.

Contemporary Painting is also often associated with the abstract technique. The Abstraction Technique in Contemporary Painting is an attempt to put aside the form elements of painting. The abstraction technique that developed rapidly along with the spread of contemporary painting now means the act of avoiding imitation of objects in a crude manner.