In the middle of winter, when it is very cold or windy outside, the house’s hourly air change rate will be higher, and you might not need additional mechanical ventilation. This high rate of winter hourly air change is a pile effect, caused by the rising power of warm air: the greater the difference between interior and exterior temperatures, the stronger the pile effect force. On the other hand, if you need the best expert on HVAC, we recommend you to call the trusted company of hvac Columbia SC.

Stronger forces cause more warm air to leak into the top of the house while cold air is sucked to replace it at the bottom of the house – then the hourly air change rate is higher. Often mechanical ventilation makes sense in fall, winter, and spring. Mechanical ventilation is even useful for midsummer if you use an air conditioner and don’t open the window for a long time. In fact, summer is when homes have the lowest natural hourly rate of air change. This number is low because the stack effect is far less. This is due to the difference between the interior and exterior being much smaller at this time of the year. Provides good ventilation can be added to any home, usually at a reasonable cost. The following suggestions are for various homes.