Many people feel nervous when they first learn to drive a car. In addition to not having enough flying hours, the fear of the risks that could have happened will make you feel even more nervous. However, don’t make that nervousness your obstacle when learning to drive, because there are some tips you can do to reduce that feeling. In the meantime, if you need a car that you can drive for training, perhaps you want to rent a nice car from the best company of luxury car hire London.

Here are some tips for you:

Learn how to drive from a professional

Learning from a professional who is an expert in the field of driving seems the most appropriate solution to avoid being nervous because professional instructors already understand how to deal with novice drivers who are usually nervous about getting started.

Adjust the seat position

Positioning the seat is important when driving. First of all, is adjust the seat height so that you have a pretty wide view. Adjust the seat height to your needs so that the view is not obstructed by the dashboard.

Then, adjust the seat distance with the gas pedal, brake, and clutch. Do not get to the seat position too far so that you have difficulty when you want to step on the pedals. Adjust the seat distance according to your needs so that you can drive optimally.

You must also know that the right sitting position will make you feel comfortable in the car. So, if you feel comfortable, the nervousness and panic when driving will naturally decrease.

Understand the function of various existing tools

Various functions of the tools that are in the cabin must be understood by the driver so it is not wrong when using it. First, understand the various pedals found below. The rightmost pedal is the gas pedal, then the middle pedal is the brake, and the far left is the clutch pedal (if driving a manual car).

Then, exactly on your left (or right (it depends on your country’s car type)), there are a transmission lever and hand brake (parking brake). The transmission lever is useful for regulating the power and speed of the car, while the hand brake is a tool used when you stop or park.