When you have a plan to build a company in Singapore you need to know the right location to set up a company. To make it easier, you can consult with a company incorporation singapore that has the experience to assist entrepreneurs in constructing buildings. There are at least 5 areas that you can find out what is the specialization of industrial areas in their implementation.

1. The Airport Logistics Park
The first type of industry near the Changi international airport in Singapore is The Airport Logistic Park. This industrial estate is an area whose duty is to complete the airport’s needs to be able to carry out its functions. This industrial park was first opened in 2003 and provides management solutions that can support a variety of large transportation companies there. Because of its location close to the airport, this industrial area also has its own advantages.

2. The Singapore Changi Business Park
Next, there is also an industrial area built around Changi airport. At least this company is responsible for 2 million tons of cargo every year. This industrial area is also a free zone. So with an area of ​​70 hectares, the industry in this region provides a large industrial area and tax-free. At present The Singapore Changi Business Park is the largest industrial park in Singapore.

3. The International Business Park
If you want to know the oldest industrial area in Singapore, then you can find out about International Business Park. This industrial park was opened in 1992 and has undergone many developments since then. This area also focuses on carrying out various research and development so that it becomes one of the most important research and development centers in Singapore.

4. The Seletar Aerospace Park
Want to know other industrial areas in Singapore? You can visit The Seletar Aerospace Park which is near Seletar Airport. As an industrial area, this area is responsible for supporting aviation activities. In fact, this area is the only supporting area in this industry. There are at least more than 320 hectares of an industrial area that supports research and development in this activity. If you are interested in developing a company in this field, you can start the development and development of the Seletar Aerospace Park area.

5. The Singapore Science Park
There is also a modern industrial area which is responsible for conducting research and development activities in Asia. At present the industrial estate is divided into two different regions namely Singapore Science Park 1 and Singapore Science Park 2. The facilities that are served in this industrial area are also the best facilities available to operate the industry in their fields.