"We are hardly in a position to pay the price to the recording industry as their sacrificial lamb...We feel victimized and angry, but mostly we feel hurt. We are good, honest, hardworking people (my husband works 2 jobs, I work 1) who have never stolen anything, and to be touted as thieves is the ultimate insult." - A mother who's been sued by the record companies.

"For the artists, my ass...I didn't ask them to protect me, and I don't want their protection." - David Draiman of the band Disturbed.

"personally i just can't see any good in coming from punishing people for being music fans and making the effort to hear new music. i'm almost tempted to go onto kazaa and download some of my own music, just to see if the riaa would sue me for having mp3's of my own songs on my hard-drive." - Moby

Record label executives have shown again and again that they don't care about musicians or fans. So now we're speaking their language ($) and giving them one last chance to listen.

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